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a newly installed backflow system by our Plantation irrigation repair teamBackflow Units

A Backflow unit, or backflow preventer attaches to the irrigation line, and ensures that no water flowing toward your home flows back out the opposite direction. Used water, known as potable or grey water flowing in the wrong direction is liable to contaminate your water supply. Without a backflow preventer, problems such as this could occur much more easily.

Inside the Backflow Preventer

The backflow unit has a number of valves and gaskets which will allow water in from the main water supply. If contaminated water travels in the opposite direction, it is stopped in its tracks by the backflow unit. Backflow units contain fail safes just in case a valve stops functioning properly. If another valve were to break, it would then cause contaminated water to travel back into the water supply.

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Hard water, rust, and dirt accumulation that can clog your sprinkler system over time can also wear down your backflow unit, which can cause disastrous results. It is recommended that homeowners have their unit inspected on an annual basis, as backflow has been identified as a major threat to public health and the water supply as a whole.

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