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Plantation, along with the entire state of Florida is under year around water conservation measures that restrict the use of water, especially in the case of outdoor irrigation. No matter where you live, using less water more effectively can help cut down on water waste while maintaining the beauty of your property.

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Rain Bird smart sprinkler timer and weather system ready for installation in PlantationThe worst thing that you can do for your lawn is to water it inconsistently. This not only is unhealthy for your lawn, but ensures that you are wasting water.

Your lawn should only need about an inch of water every week. Weekly watering that is consistent on a week to week basis will provide hardy grass with deep roots.

Micro Irrigation

Gardening buff? Dial in your watering methods with a Misting unit installed by one of our Plantation sprinkler installation contractors.

drip irrigation line installationMicro Irrigation techniques such as drip lines and misters do a better job of providing consistent coverage over an area, while providing water closely to the roots, where the plant is most readily able to absorb it.

Micro irrigation can be customized to provide different water amounts to different plants, allowing you to save water.

Mulch: Is your soil holding in moisture like it should? We'll let you know.

Laying down mulch will not only protect against weeds, but it will also help to keep soil cool and to keep soil away from the drying effects of direct sunlight. This will allow the soil to remain cool and moist, which will better suit it to rooting and watering. Mulch around trees, along borders; anywhere that soil becomes dry and cracked.


Nobody likes weeds. Besides their unsightly appearance, weeds will sap water and nutrients from their surroundings, contributing to the decline of other plants. Keep up on your weeding, so you don't have to waste one more drop on these unwanted invaders.

Planter box with retaining wall installed in Plantation Florida

Native Plants

Plants native to this region will require far less watering and maintenance to keep thriving. These plants are easier on you, the environment, and your water supply.

Rainwater Collection

Start with a barrell. A clean 55 gallon barrel in your yard to catch rainwater is all you need to make a dent in your water conservation efforts. Use the collected water to irrigate your vegetable garden, flowers, and other plants that require more attention.

Cut the Grass

Keeping your grass cut to around the three inch mark will allow your lawn to soak up water as well as allow it to keep growing green.

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